White House Beer?

This is strictly my perspective, but denigrating the dignity of the White House with a brewery is appalling.  I remember when Reagan would not enter the Oval Office without a suit coat because he believed it was to dignified a place to do any less.  Not so anymore.  The White House, a symbol of the greatness of our Nation has become nothing more than a frat house where buds and cronies hang out.  I put this one in the “unbelievable” category, though I should not be surprised.

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  • ithinkaboutbeer  On August 16, 2012 at 9:50 am

    I would say this is a bit of a radical perspective. Beer and Presidents is as old as America. George Washington was an avid lover of beer. Thomas Jefferson even brewed his own beer. An east coast brewery is actually reproducing the recipe now in cooperation with the Jefferson estate. Craft brewing is a thriving American industry and has become a thriving American hobby. A fan of craft beer and a proud American, I love the idea of a brewery at the White House. You can’t get more red, white, and blue.

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