The camel’s in the tent

As the parable goes, the camel only wanted to warm its nose against the cold night air.  Then its head, and then its neck.  Those who worship at the alter of liberal, progressive secularism only wanted abortion in extreme cases, and then as a matter of choice.  Now, two philosophers, writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics declare that after-birth abortion is acceptable, and indeed reasonable when the well-being of the family is at risk.

Not to be confused with the nasty practice of infanticide, after-birth abortion is the phrase of choice for those instances when a child who should have been aborted (according to the liberal mantra on abortion rights) but wasn’t, is now aborted after birth as a matter of convenience to the family.

As I wrote in my recent article The religious fault-line in the political debate, society is slowly but surely dividing along political lines.  Those on the secular left who believe that government is the giver of all that is just, and those on the right who still believe that God lives, and that He is the giver of life.  Whereas the conservative religious right still accepts the commandment “thou shalt not kill, nor do anything like unto it,” the secular left now promotes after-birth killings under the argument that “merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life.” (1)

Indeed, the camel is in the tent!

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