Obama blames Congressman Ryan for senate’s refusal to pass emergency farm bill

8/13/2012- President Obama advised Iowans that  “If [they]happen to see Congressman Ryan, [they should] tell him how important [the] farm bill is to Iowa and [it’s] rural communities,” arguing that Ryan and the House failed to pass a bill that would send relief to farmers in the drought stricken state.  What Mr. Obama failed to mention is that the Republican lead House did pass a bill and sent it over to the Democratic lead senate, which went on August recess without passing the bill.

According to US News, the House passed a measure by a margin of 223 to 196 that would have provided $383 million in relief to cattle and sheep ranchers, providing reimbursement for up to 76% of their losses.  The measure was sent to the Democrat lead senate, which Harry Reid sent into recessed without voting on the bill.

This kind of blatant misrepresentation is what earns Obama and the liberals a very bad name, and hopefully will cost them Congress and the White House in November.

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  • Kurt  On August 13, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    The Senate sent a farm bill to the House earlier. The point is, Ryan and the Tea Party knew full well the Senate would not – and could not – pass such a draconian bill.

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