Obama holds private DC fundraiser

WP: The Obama campaign says the fundraiser at the W Hotel is with about 20 supporters paying $40,000 a person to attend. The campaign said the president was also giving a campaign update to 25 supporters before the fundraiser. (Washington Post)

Me: I’m not sure about you, but anyone who can afford to pay $40,000 for a meal is wealthy. This double-speak- Romney is an out of touch millionare…give me $40,000 for a meal- is typical of the progressive left. Attack the wealthy in the name of fairness for the poor and middle-class. Wake up and smell the coffee, people, Obama is wealthy, all of his friends are wealthy, and they eat and live wealthy life-styles. They’re not in the game for you, they are in the game for power, and the more they can pretend to shift wealth from the have’s to the have-nots, the more power they gain (ala any socialist government where all the wealth is with the governing class while the peasants are grateful for a pot of porridge).

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