Soptic- Appearing in PAC and Obama ads; violation of PAC/Candidate regulations?

My thoughts: Despite a requirement for a separation of practice between PACs and the candidates they support, Soptic appears in an Obama ad in the early Spring 2012, and in a PAC ad currently running, and wearing the same shirt (or so it appears).  Could both ads have been recorded at the same session?

Fox News: The Obama campaign certainly is familiar with the story of Soptic, despite claims by top campaign aides that they’re not as they tried to make the case Wednesday that the super PAC ad had nothing to do with the campaign’s work. 

Soptic appeared in a pair of Obama campaign videos in May which hammered Romney over his former company Bain Capital’s role before GST filed for bankruptcy. 

“They made as much money off it as they could, and they closed it down,” Soptic said in that video, wearing what appears to be the same shirt he wore in the most recent ad. “It was like watching an old friend bleed to death.” 

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