“Independent study” includes former Obama staffer and a tax hike supporter

President Obama buttressed his argument against Mitt Romney’s tax plan today by citing an “independent, non-partisan study” — though Romney aides quickly pointed out that the report’s authors include a former staffer and an ideological ally.

The Romney camp pointed out that one of the study’s co-authors, however, is Adam Looney, whose bio describes him as “the senior economist for public finance and tax policy with the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.”  Likewise, Gale’s a close ally of the White House and took part in Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s “Fiscal Responsibility Summit” in 2009, not that she’s partisan or dependent, according to President Obama’s statement today.  So far, “independent, non-partisan” economist G. William Gale has visited the White House 12 times.

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